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Tournament Schedule:
8/14/06 Blitz Tournament $5 for members and $10 for non-members. 90% of entry fees will be returned as prizes.
8/21/06 Game 30, 3 rounds $10 members $15 non-members
8/28/06 Game 30, 3 rounds $10 members $15 non-members
9/4/06 Labor Day - Club Closed - Enjoy the holiday!
9/11, 18, & 25/06 Game 90 Quads - 3 Nights! 4 Player sections by rating $15 members $20 non-members.
9/30/06 6th Annual Central Park Rapid Open at Bethusda Fountain(72nd Street Crossdrive). When organizers post details we will link to them.
10/2/06 Game 30, 3 Rounds $10 members $15 non-members
10/9/06 Columbus Day - Club Closed- Enjoy the holiday!
10/16/06 Club Championship Tournament Starts! Five rounds with two makeup dates. 10/16 Rd. 1, 10/23 1st Makeup Rd., 10/30 Rd. 2, 11/6 Rd. 3, 11/13 Rd. 4, 11/20 2nd Makeup Rd., 12/4 Rd. 5. This year's tournament will have membership specials, t-shirts, class prizes, and a new President's Prize for a champion who wins all his or her games! Check back for further details.
12/11/06 Game 10 Quick Chess Tournament. 5 rounds rated! Free for members!
12/18/06 Holiday Party - Free Bug House Tournament - T-shirts for winners
Contacting the Club:
Tournament Director, Polly Wright; email:
Treasurer Alan Abrams can be reached at

For the September Game of the Month. Ben Gershenov defeats Khodarkovsky in a nice game. Click here to see Ben's Game.

Click here for pictures of the 2nd Annual Central Park Rapid Open in 2002.

Click the link for a free score sheet file with club schedule: Free Club Score Sheet , you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Club Membership is $50 for adults and $25 for full-time students for 2005.


You can join the USCF at the club.


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September Game of the Month - Click here to see Ben's Game.

Previous Months -

May Game of the Month - Mike McDermott pulls off a nice Queen sack. Click here to see the game.

April - Boris Blumin by Life Master Lonnie Kwartler

Recently, John Riddell asked me about Boris Blumin. Boris was a player we knew from 1979-1980 at the Yonkers Chess Club when it was in the Girl Scouts' Cabin in Yonkers. That was also when the Yonkers Chess Club and the Bronx Chess Club joined to form the Bronx Yonkers Chess Club. We knew that Boris lived in Coop City, but we did not know much more about him.
Boris was born on December 29, 1907 in St. Petersburg, Russia.That was before Russia accepted the modern calendar which may result in some sources saying 1908. Boris won the chess championship of Canada in 1936 and 1937. Boris lived in Trenton until he died on February 16, 1998. While in New Jersey he won the Hamilton Chess Club Championship in 1986.
I am happy to present three of Boris Blumin's games against high class competition.
Click here to see the Boris Blumin games.<

X3D Man vs. Machine World Championship Kasparov vs. Deep Junior follow the games and even apply to get tickets at the New York Atheletic Club.
December Game of the Month Mike Amori and Turqan Tanwir do battle in round 4 of the Club Championship.
November Game of the Month .
October Game of the Month.

Chess Websites for May: - Chess Newspapers

Web Sites Links from previous Months.


May Great Player of the Month --- Harry Nelson Pillsbury

Good site with bio and games.
A different bio with more information.

Miguel Najdorf
"I won't play with you anymore. You have insulted my friend." Miguel Najdorf when an opponent cursed himself for a blunder.
1997 Obituary From New York Times
Autoplay Game mentioned in above article from Click here.
Link to a page with info on Najdorf Sicilian (b96)

Aron Nimzovich
"Why must I lose to this idiot?"
A short biography of Nimzovich- click here.
Try some of Nimzovich's Autoplay games from
Another short bio with pictures and games.
"The Immortal Zugzwang Game." Saemisch – Nimzovich Copenhangen – 1923 Queen’s Indian Defence

January Capablanca
A brief bio from
Another biography from Bill Wall's excellent site.
This bio has an autoplay game against Frank Marshall and you can download almost 600 of Capablanca's games.
Many autoplay games from and some stats.
Capablanca proposed some chess varients including Gothic Chess.
Click here to see more information and photos.

December Bronstein
200 Open Games - click here.
Short Bronstein biography- Click here.
Click here for some David Bronstein pictures. German site.

November - Tal
Click here to play over 10 of Tal's games. & To read a short profile by Bill Wall
Click here to read a longer profile by Larry Parr with several pictures.


Rosellina Maher, wife of club president Joe Maher, donated a Chocolate Chess Set as a raffle prize which was won by John Alexander at the end of The Bob Peretz Memorial Tournament. Click here to see the set.

A simul was held Friday, February 21, 2003 with Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura at the White Plains Location, click here to see pictures.

Check out pictures from the Holiday Party Bughouse Tournament

Results from 4 round swiss with pictures and analysis of a game between Polly and Sergio. Thanks to Ed Eusebi and the NSCF for posting the page.

Click here for Pictures of the Free Handicap Speed Tournament on October 18th.

More Pictures from Handicap Speed Tounament. Thanks again Ed.

Click here for pictures of the Central Park Rapid Open.


Our Treasurer Alan Abrams can be reacher at

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